An Urgent Care Clinic With X-Ray Imaging Capabilities in San Francisco’s East Bay

Urgent Care With X-ray East Bay San FranciscoWhether you’ve injured yourself while going on a run, playing sports, or chasing the kids around, it’s best to seek treatment at an urgent care center with X-ray capabilities, like STAT MED Urgent Care. Not every urgent care center or retail clinic is equipped with an X-ray machine, which means that many patients must visit a separate diagnostic clinic before they can receive a diagnosis and appropriate treatment. At STAT MED Urgent Care’s locations in and around Concord, Livermore, Walnut Creek, and Dublin, California, our patients have access to digital X-ray imaging, clinical lab testing, vaccines, concussion care, and expert illness and injury treatment from emergency medicine-trained providers. We proudly offer these important medical services on a walk-in basis every day and at a significantly lower cost than emergency room rates.

Do I need an X-ray?

Only a medical professional can determine if your injury warrants an X-ray. Some injuries can be diagnosed with just a physical evaluation. However, X-ray imaging is often helpful in swiftly diagnosing:

X-rays can also help professionals diagnose other problems, such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Ingested foreign objects and bowel blockages
  • Chest conditions like pneumonia, emphysema, and tuberculosis

STAT MED Urgent Care’s centers throughout San Francisco’s East Bay are equipped with digital X-ray machines that emit lower amounts of radiation than traditional technologies and provide clear, detailed images of the chest, abdomen, spine, and extremities.

Get in touch with us

For an urgent care clinic with X-ray capabilities, visit a STAT MED Urgent Care location near you. Our centers cater to adults and children in Concord, Livermore, Walnut Creek, Dublin, and surrounding communities. If you have any questions about our approach to X-ray imaging, don’t hesitate to give our team a call.