HMO members, including Kaiser,  Affinity, and Palo Alto Medical Foundation, among others, have always been welcome at our STAT MED Urgent Care clinics.

Why do HMO members come to us?  They save time, like our convenient clinic locations, appreciate the ability to walk-in without an appointment — and we’re open seven days a week!

Now we’ve decided to make that decision even easier.

New Flat Fee Urgent Care Rate Schedule for HMO Members

Effective immediately, STAT MED Urgent Care is now offering HMO members the following affordable, flat fee rate structure:


Standard Urgent Care Visit: $125*

$125 covers your urgent care visit, including basic labs the clinician may order.

Standard Plus: $175*

$175 includes everything covered by the $125 Standard Urgent Care Visit, plus x-rays and additional procedures as needed.

*These flat rates do not include orthopedic appliances, vaccinations, or BrainScope concussion testing
. Please be prepared to show proof that you are a Kaiser, Affinity, PAMF, or other HMO member.


STAT MED Urgent Care

More about STAT MED Urgent Care

STAT MED is a growing network of Bay Area walk-in clinics whose ER-trained doctors and other medical staff help patients of all ages, providing treatment for urgent care, routine illnesses, concussion care (including baseline testing), allergy relief, wellness services (including physicals), and work injuries.

All STAT MED clinics have private treatment rooms, offer x-rays and on-site labs, and are open 7 days a week, including holidays.

No appointment is required, and online registration is available to save time. For more information, please contact any clinic location.