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Telemedicine: Video Provider Visits

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STAT MED Urgent Care is committed to providing you with the medical care you need in the safest, easiest and most convenient way possible.

This includes TeleMedicine options that allow you to connect with one of STAT MED’s providers from the comfort of your home, or elsewhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

We offer this service through Solv, a HIPPA compliant video conferencing resource that ensures your visit is Private and Secure.

Questions? Contact STAT MED at (844) 782-8633

Telemedicine Frequently Asked Questions

A smart phone, tablet or computer with a camera and microphone, and an internet connection.

STAT MED Online Video Visits are handled by our regular medical providers. The functionality is two-way so you will be able to see the specific provider helping you. 

In general, many types of visits lend themselves well to TeleMedicine, including infections, skin conditions, stomachache, rashes, stress, anxiety, and certain respiratory problems. Obviously, with TeleMedicine we can’t perform a physical exam in the same way that we can in person. If needed, we may ask that you to visit the clinic or even the ER if necessary.

Call us at (844) 782-8633 or go to and click the "Book Online Video Visit" Button. 

 Call (844) 782-8633. The STAT MED team member will help determine whether an in-clinic visit or a Video Visit makes the most sense and help with any needed registration.

Your TeleMedicine visit will be billed in the same way that a clinic visit would, whether through your health insurance or Medicare. If you are self-pay the cost will be $75 for basic visits.