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The STATMobile – STAT MED’s On-Site Flu Shot Clinic & More

What better way to help the community get their flu shots than to bring them to you!

Introducing the STATMobile

Just to be clear… the STATMobile is NOT an ambulance and will not be used for any form of patient transport.

Instead, we are  using the STATMobile to participate in local community events such as parades, festivals, and chamber events, as well as mobile flu shot clinics.

A STATMobile flu shot clinic can be set up at schools, businesses and community locations to provide inexpensive and easy access to the flu vaccine. Flu shots at our on-site events don’t cost more than our usual competitive walk-in clinic flu shot rates — and may qualify for group discounts.

Schedule a STATMobile On-site Flu Shot Clinic

Scheduling a STATMobile On-site Flu Shot Clinic event is simple. Fill in the contact form below, and we will follow up directly with you. We are currently booking for Fall 2018.

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