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CPR Training – A Good Idea for Everyone!

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As an urgent care practice, it is no surprise that STAT MED Urgent Care’s highly trained medical professionals are proficient in CPR, though we recommend that anyone experiencing a life-threatening medical emergency head directly to a hospital emergency room where doctors can quickly access the full breadth of hospital resources.

Encouraging CPR Training for All

We firmly believe that all employers, regardless of industry, should encourage CPR staff training. In fact, it’s a good idea for everyone to know CPR. 

Explains Dr. Armando Samaniego, STAT MED Chief Medical Officer:

“Medical emergencies can happen anytime and anywhere. The more people who are trained in CPR, the better. Actions of citizen first-responders before trained EMT’s and other medical professionals are able to take over can make a profound impact towards a positive medical outcome. It can mean the difference between life and death.”

That’s why STAT MED facilitates CPR training for all staff, even non-medical. Thank you to David Pintado, Medical Assistant Instructor, for teaching this month’s CPR re-certification class for medical assistants and front desk staff.

Finding Local CPR Training

You don’t have to wait for your employer to offer CPR training. There are many Bay Area CPR training options open to individuals. If you’re looking for a CPR class in Contra Costa or Alameda County, start here: 


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