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Plan for Viewing the Solar Eclipse: Eye Safety First!

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Plan for Viewing the Solar Eclipse: Eye Safety First!

We share everyone’s excitement about the solar eclipse, but we are hoping that you’re focused on eye safety first! Earlier this week, ABC7 News interviewed STAT MED Urgent Care Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Armando Samaniego, about protecting your eyes during the August 21 solar eclipse. (View video of interview on YouTube.)

If you are in the Bay Area during the eclipse, experts expect that you will see only 75% of the sun covered, not the full eclipse others across the United States will see. However, it is still not safe to stare at the sun during the eclipse without appropriate eye protection.

Explains Dr. Samaniego: “Our eyes are delicate and the sun can easily damage the outer membrane and retina. It’s not a good idea to take any chances. You can develop permanent eye damage. It’s advised not to stare at the eclipse at all without having proper eye protection.”

Enjoy the eclipse… but not at the risk of eye damage! If you don’t have appropriate eyewear, watch it online!

For more information about the solar eclipse, including the best Bay Area viewing spots and where to buy protective eyewear, check out the “Everything You Need to Know about the Solar Eclipse” online resource on

NOTE: If you are going to use welder’s goggles as solar eclipse eye protection, they must have shade number 14 welder’s glass. Read more here.


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