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STAT MED Services

We care for patients of all ages, from infants to seniors.

All services are coordinated within each STAT MED clinic, so that your doctor seamlessly can answer your questions, interpret test results, and provide the expert treatment you require.

A summary of our comprehensive services follows.

Urgent Medical Care

First and foremost, STAT MED is an Urgent Care facility.

We have designed our practice to allow us to effectively treat every patient who comes to us for care, whether for ear infections, allergies, pneumonia, minor burns or fractures.

STAT MED also offers comprehensive concussion management services with on-site doctors trained in ImPACT testing, as well as Credentialed ImPACT Consultants for ImPACT PASSPORT return to play authorization.

Respiratory Problems







Injuries or Accidents

Urinary Tract Infections

Bites, Rashes, and Skin Conditions

IV Hydration or Medications



Nose Bleeds

Sports Injuries

Diagnostics, X-Ray and Lab Services

STAT MED provides industry-leading diagnostics, including X-Ray, lab tests, and other screening services – all under one roof. This means our doctors can order tests, interpret results and prescribe care in significantly less time than other medical providers.

On-site Lab/Point-of-Care (POC) Tests

Strep Throat, Flu, Mononucleosis (Mono)

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)


Blood glucose, (sugar levels)

INR testing (Coumadin levels) Blood thinner

Hemoglobin and Hematocrit (anemia check)

Cholesterol check

STD: HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia

Drug screening

Panels and More Extensive Testing

Liver function testing

Hepatitis panel

Lipase, amylase levels

Thyroid screening

Cancer screening: Colon, prostate

Renal function

And many more. See those listed by specific labs (Quest) and (LabCorp)

Routine Medical Care

While not every healthcare need is a medical emergency; it still may be urgent to you. STAT MED is pleased to provide more routine healthcare needs, from employment tests and physical exams to allergy or flu treatment when you cannot get a timely appointment or do not have a primary care physician.

Look for the STATMobile in your community! STAT MED Urgent Care uses the STATMobile to offer flu shot clinics for local businesses and at other locations in the communities we serve. The STATMobile also participates in community events such as parades and festivals alongside our patients. Click here to learn more about STAT MED Urgent Care's STATMobile

Routine Medical Care Services

Sports Physicals (School or Club)

Boy or Girl Scout; Camp Physicals

Pre-Employment Physicals (School or Club)

Flu Shots

TB Testing

Updating Shots (e.g.,Tetanus)

Medication Refills

Medical Second Opinions

Specialty Referrals

Work Injury, Occupational Medicine

STAT MED offers a comprehensive range of services designed to assist employees and employers in reducing workplace risks and managing workplace injuries.


Accidents do occasionally happen while on company time. With the latest in diagnostic equipment at our fingertips and our Emergency Medicine expertise, count on STAT MED to provide prompt, thorough and cost-effective care. Your care includes a “Return to Work” report complete with recommended work restrictions, if needed, as well as specific follow up care instructions. We work closely with you and your employer to ensure a positive outcome and a rapid return to normal functioning including providing any referrals to proven local specialists if needed to expedite additional care.


Healthy employees are productive employees. STAT MED can design customized protocols that best handle your Workers’ Comp cases, so you can dramatically reduce Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums and improve employee health.

If accidents occur, make STAT MED the first stop for your employees to significantly reduce costs typically associated with traditional Emergency Room care. STAT MED provides the same caliber of evidence-based treatment as in California’s leading emergency rooms. STAT MED physicians are available to business owners to customize a rapid recovery program specific to your industry or common issues found in your workplace such as bone breaks, stress fractures, lacerations, joint pain, sore backs, etc.

We are here to help you maintain a healthy workforce day in and day out. Here is a sampling of our occupational medicine services in addition to on-site x-rays and diagnostic laboratory, urgent care and more routine medical services

Work Injury Services

Pre-employment physicals

Drug and Alcohol Testing

On-site flu clinics

Group vaccinations

DOT & Non-DOT Drug Screening DOT

Non-DOT Alcohol Testing

DOT Physicals

Insurance Physicals

Pulmonary Function Testing

Completion of required workers’ comp paperwork