On-Site Flu Shot Clinics for San Francisco Bay Area Businesses

Help your employees get their flu shots the easy way!

Schedule Flu Shots for Employees On-Site

What is an On-Site Flu Shot Clinic? 

A STAT MED Urgent Care On-Site Flu Shot Clinic is exactly what it sounds like — we come to your place of business with medical staff prepared to give your employees flu shots on a date and at a time that’s convenient for you, their employer. 

STAT MED Urgent Care has been providing on-site flu shot clinics for Bay Area businesses since 2016. These clinics are affordable for employers, easy to set-up, and designed to be convenient for everyone. 

More to the point — you have peace of mind knowing that your employees have the best available protection against the flu this season. 

This year more than ever, it’s important that as many of your employees as possible get a flu shot to reduce the chance that the flu complicates the already difficult COVID-19 business environment. 

Schedule Your Mobile Flu Shot Clinic Early for Maximum Date Flexibility

Scheduling a STAT MED On-Site Flu Shot Clinic event is simple. Start by filling out the no-obligation form on this page and we’ll contact you ready to answer your questions and, if you want to proceed, set up a date and time convenient for you.   

FAQ: Who Pays for the Flu Shots at an Employer-sponsored Flu Shot Clinic?   

STAT MED contracts directly with each employer to hold an on-site flu shot clinic. Like the other Occupational Medicine services STAT MED provides, employers pay STAT MED for the flu shots. We do not bill individual employee health insurance plans for mobile flu shot clinic services.

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