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Occupational Health

Occupational Health East Bay San Francisco CABusinesses across a wide range of industries trust STAT MED Urgent Care for occupational health services. Our growing network of medical centers is led by board-certified physicians with emergency medicine expertise, allowing us to provide a high level of diagnostics, treatment, and continuing care that is seldom seen at the average walk-in clinic. And, with extended hours 365 days a year, we’ll always be here when you need us. If you are searching for a reputable provider of occupational medicine in Concord, Lafayette, Livermore, Pleasant Hill, or elsewhere around San Francisco’s East Bay area, we encourage you to give us a call.

Partnering with STAT MED for occupational health services offers several benefits for employers and employees alike.

Benefits for Employers

Healthy employees are productive employees. As an employer, you want to ensure that the hardworking individuals who make up your business have what they need to be successful, and this includes access to quality health care.

STAT MED physicians can customize a rapid recovery program specific to your industry or to address common issues that may occur in your workplace, such as bone breaks, stress fractures, lacerations, joint pain, and back pain. We can also design individualized protocols to best handle your workers’ compensation cases, so you can reduce insurance premiums while improving overall employee health. Additionally, onsite flu shot clinics with our STATMobile are available to help keep your workplace healthy during flu season.

Benefits for Employees

As a fully equipped provider of walk-in health services, STAT MED makes it easier and more cost effective than ever before to receive preventive care and treatment for non-life-threatening issues from experienced physicians. We’ll work closely with you and your employer to ensure a positive outcome and a rapid return to optimal health, and can even provide referrals to trusted local medical specialists, if needed, to expedite additional care. Your visit with us will also include a “Return to Work” report, complete with any recommended work restrictions as well as specific follow-up care instructions.

Contact STAT MED Urgent Care today to learn more about our approach to occupational health and how we can help you create a healthier and happier workplace.