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On-Site COVID-19 Testing for Saint Mary’s College Student Athletes, Coaches and Staff

If you are a student athlete, coach, or staff at Saint Mary’s College looking to register for a COVID-19 test, you are on the right page. Your athletic department has arranged with STAT MED Urgent Care to provide your needed COVID-19 test. 

Just fill out the form on this page to register for the required initial video visit with a STAT MED provider. 

What to Expect


Step #1: Video (Telemedicine) Visit 

Register for a video visit with a STAT MED provider by filling out the form on this page. To fill out the registration form completely, please have your insurance card (both sides) and driver’s license (or other photo ID) ready for uploading.

Someone from STAT MED will call you within 24 hours to set up a convenient time for your provider video visit.

After your video visit, your athletic department with let you know the time and date for your swab test. (See step #2, below)

Step #2: Take the COVID-19 Test 

Your STAT MED COVID-19 test will be scheduled at a date, time, and location provided by your athletic department. 

The test is a simple nasal swab, but not a deep one. Most people say it just tickles.

Step #3: Get Results

STAT MED will call you with results.

FAQ: Insurance Coverage for COVID Testing 

Currently, COVID-19 testing is fully covered for everyone, whether you are insured or not. This includes Kaiser plan members. 

Please remember to upload a photo of your insurance card (both sides) when asked on the registration form. 

Step #1:  Complete Registration Form

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