1Does STAT MED Urgent Care take my insurance?
STAT MED Urgent Care is a preferred provider for most major insurance carriers. Please feel free to call any of our clinics to confirm that we carry your specific insurance provider. Click here for more information
2Does STAT MED Urgent Care take my insurance?
STAT MED Urgent Care is a preferred provider for most major insurance carriers. Please feel free to call any of our clinics to confirm that we carry your specific insurance provider. Click here for more information
3Does STAT MED accept Kaiser?
No, but we offer affordable fixed-rate pricing for HMO members, including Kaiser. Click here for pricing details.

4Do I need an appointment or referral to see a STAT MED doctor?
If you are ill or have an injury, you never need an appointment or referral to see one of our providers. Come in anytime, and we'll evaluate and treat you right away.
5I need to get a physical to return to work. Can STAT MED Urgent Care help?
STAT MED Urgent Care can complete this required physical — or any other physical exam you may need – on the spot. We know all about employee health and work injury requirements, and will make sure your case is handled professionally and expeditiously.
6Who will monitor my follow-up medical care after I have visited STAT MED Urgent Care?
STAT MED Urgent Care is happy to handle your follow-up medical needs, but if you have a primary care physician, we will typically suggest you follow-up with him/her. Either way, expect a call from us to see how you're doing a few days after you leave.
7What if my child or I need to see a medical specialist?
STAT MED Urgent Care will be happy to recommend a medical specialist for your unique situation and will provide all relevant documentation from your STAT MED visit.
8What if I don't have a primary care doctor?
You don't need to have a primary care doctor to see STAT MED Urgent Care. We're happy to provide your routine medical care, and we can refer you to a primary care physician for future ongoing care if requested.
9Can STAT MED Urgent Care perform a sports physical or camp physical for my child right away?
Yes we can. Bring the specific form and your child to your preferred STAT MED Urgent Care, and we'll take care of the rest! Just walk-in, no appointment needed. Click here for more information about school sports physicals.

10Can I see a STAT MED Urgent Care phsyician instead of my primary care physician or pediatrician?
Yes, but we aren’t here to replace the ongoing oversight of your medical needs provided by your primary care physician or pediatrician. We're happy to provide immediate back up for your regular physicians, such as when they can’t squeeze you in or you can’t wait for their regular office hours. If you request and tell us your physician’s name at check-in, we will send your doctor an electronic copy of our report by the next business morning so he/she knows you were in and can follow-up accordingly.
11What if I'm just visiting the area and need medical care?
STAT MED Urgent Care welcome you! We are here to help in any way we can. We'll get you on your way to feeling better right away, and provide you (or your own physician directly if desired) with a copy of your visit details so appropriate follow-up can be coordinated.
12What if I need medical lab tests? Can STAT MED Urgent Care help?
At STAT MED, many of the standard lab tests are performed onsite with test results available in about 7 minutes. If you need more extensive tests such as blood panels, your blood will be drawn in the office and we will contact you with the results as soon as we receive them.
13What happens if I need an X-ray or other imaging services?
STAT MED Urgent Care has immediate access onsite to the latest in imaging technology, including x-rays. Our Lafayette location also has MRI and other advanced modalities also available.
14Can STAT MED Urgent Care prescribe medication for me or help me with prescription refills?
Yes – all of our STAT MED Urgent Care physicians can prescribe medications. We'll also be happy to send your prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice.
15Are there certain symptoms to look for that suggest I should head straight to an emergency room?

The severity of your symptoms determines the most appropriate place for you to seek care. If your symptoms are among the following, we recommend that you go directly to a hospital emergency room so you'll have the full resources of the hospital available if you need them:

  • Chest pain or tightness
  • Compound fracture
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Head or neck injury
  • High temperature and stiff neck
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Poisoning or suspected poisoning
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Severe abdominal pain
  • Severe bleeding
  • Severe burns
  • Slurring of words without alcohol
  • Suspected overdose
  • Suspected stroke
  • Major traffic accidents
16What if I come to STAT MED but really need to go to the Emergency Room instead?
As Emergency Medicine specialists, your STAT MED Urgent Care physicians will immediately recognize situations that need to be treated in a hospital ER. We'll call for transport, stabilize your medical condition as needed, prepare you for travel, and let the ER know you're on your way.
17Does STAT MED Urgent Care treat children?
We absolutely do. Our STAT MED Urgent Care physician partners are Emergency Medicine trained and experienced, and our entire team has extensive experience with pediatric medical needs and are very comfortable caring for little ones.
18Is my visit to STAT MED Urgent Care more affordable than going to an ER?
On average, your STAT MED charges will often be up to 80% less than what you would incur in an ER setting, and your co-pay should be comparatively lower.
19What if I don't have insurance?
No worries; we will be happy to work out a payment schedule with you. Our reimbursement specialist has all the details.
20If I have Kaiser, can I still use STAT MED Urgent Care?
Although Kaiser will not contract with STAT MED, many Kaiser patients have found our rates to be less than their Kaiser Urgent Care or Emergency Room visit co-pays. Additionally, your visit to STAT MED may save hours of your valuable time.
21Is STAT MED Urgent Care open on weekends and holidays?
Yes, we’re open every day of the year.
22How long does the average visit take?
Our goal is to provide you with the best possible care with the least amount of time spent waiting. Given the range of health issues we see, our average time may be up to 60 minutes from when patients enter, then meet with their doctor, receive care to head back home, If you happen to arrive when we are not busy, it can take much less time. If you arrive when we have a full clinic and/or when we are presented with more critically ill patients, it can be longer. Regardless, it will be far less than the time you would spend in an Emergency Room.