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Dr. Aileen Jaber, MD – Urgent Care Physician

Dr. Aileen Jaber, M.D.

  • Education: UCLA School of Medicine
  • Training: Medical College of Pennnsylvania Residency in Emergency Medicine
  • Teaching Position: Instructor of Emergency Medicine at the Medical College of Pennsylvania

Doctor Jaber grew up in the Bay Area, the daughter of a Family Medicine Physician, and has over 25 years of experience working in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Jaber has worked primarily in Emergency Medicine and has additional experience in the fields of Family Practice and Urgent Care.

“Since starting at STAT MED, I have enjoyed the opportunity to care for patients in a comprehensive, compassionate, and cost effective environment. I enjoy working with the patients of the Lamorinda community who seem to have a steadfast desire to improve their health. My family recently moved to the area and I am greatful for the opportunity to live and work with health conscious people in this beautiful place we now call home.”