Concussion Evaluation, Treatment and Management

STAT MED Urgent Care is committed to providing patients with comprehensive concussion services for head injuries.Your health is our top priority. We understand that our patients are eager to safely resume regular activities following a concussion.

With experience with 1000’s of head injuries, all STAT MED physicians know what is required for safe and effective recovery. That is why STAT MED offers the full spectrum of concussion services: evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, final assessment and, when needed, authorization to return to play, school or work.


Integrated Concussion Management

STAT MED treats concussion, and is able to address the full extent of a patient's injuries such as fractures or wounds needing stitches.

  • Emergency Medicine specialists
  • Clinical assessment of concussion, mild to severe symptoms
  • ImPACT baseline neurocognitive testing
  • Credentialed ImPACT Consultants
  • Continuity of care from diagnosis through recovery
  • Authorization to return to play, school or work

Step by Step Approach to Concussion Recovery

There are many myths surrounding concussions but increased medical science has shown the importance of clinical diagnosis and treatment plan for concussion recovery.

Following a clinical diagnosis, a plan of "brain rest" will likely be prescribed. A physician almost may provide an accommodation for school or work. And then a safe and effective recovery requires completion of a step by step approach by a doctor trained in concussion care. Click here to learn more about concussions and head injuries.

Student Athletes: The regulations developed by CIF’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee direct a progressive treatment plan to return to play under medical supervision to minimize risks and allow the brain to properly recovery. Within those guidelines, though, is the need for each patient to have an individualized care plan such as those provided by STAT MED physicians for each concussion patient. To return to play requires authorization by a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant like Dr. Mooney.