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BrainWaves Concussion Care and Head Injury Treatment for San Francisco’s East Bay

Concord / Pleasant Hill, Dublin, Livermore and Lafayette


The first 72 hours after a head injury are critical to assessing and diagnosing a concussion so it’s important that you seek medical attention soon after an accident if you suspect a concussion or just want that peace of mind that you don’t have one.

BrainWaves Concussion Care, in partnership with STAT MED, is committed to providing San Francisco Bay Area patients of all ages with comprehensive concussion services, from evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, final recovery assessment and, when needed, authorization to return to play, return to school or return to work.


Step #1: Initial Concussion Diagnosis

  • Initial Evaluation at STAT MED: Walk-in, No Appointment Needed: Clinics are open 7 days a week. Click here for locations and hours. Once diagnosed, they will refer to BrainWaves Concussion Care if needed, depending on initial evaluation.
  • Initial Evaluation at BrainWaves: Requires Appointment.

Schedule an Appointment with a BrainWaves Concussion Care Provider (All locations)

Step 2: Integrated Concussion Treatment

  • Clinical assessment of concussion, mild to severe symptoms
  • ImPACT neurocognitive testing
  • Credentialed ImPACT Consultants
  • Continuity of care from diagnosis through recovery
  • Authorization to return to play, school or work

ImPACT Testing stands for Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing. Click here to learn more about ImPACT Testing.

New! BrainWaves Offers BrainScope One® Concussion Testing

BrainScope One at BrainWaves Concussion Care in Pleasant Hill / Concord, Livermore, Lafayette

BrainWaves Concussion Care at STAT MED is a credentialed BrainScope One® provider.

We are among the first practices in Northern California to offer this highly advanced and FDA-cleared tool that uses brainwave analysis to quickly and noninvasively identify changes in the brain within three days following a concussion.

This allows physicians to make faster and more confident concussion diagnoses and spares some patients unnecessary (and costly) trips to the ER for a CT scan.

Click to learn more about BrainScope One®.

Student Athletes & Return to Play

The regulations developed by CIF’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee direct a progressive treatment plan to return to play under medical supervision to minimize risks and allow the brain to properly recovery.

Within those guidelines, though, is the need for each patient to have an individualized care plan such as those provided by our physicians for each concussion patient. To return to play requires authorization by a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant like Dr. Mooney, Clinical Director of BrainWaves Concussion Care.

Step by Step Approach to Concussion Recovery

There are many myths surrounding concussions but increased medical science has shown the importance of an early and accurate concussion diagnosis and a customized step-by-step treatment plan for recovery under the supervised care of physician trained in concussion care.

Your BrainWaves physician also may need to provide an accommodation for school or work.

Click here to learn more about concussions and head injuries.

Advanced Treatment for Head Injuries

From head injury evaluation to return to normal activity, BrainWaves Concussion Care is here for children and adults throughout the East Bay, including Concord, Lafayette, Moraga, Orinda, Livermore, Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and other communities throughout Northern California. Don't put your health at risk - visit us for the advanced head injury care you need and deserve. Our team looks forward to helping you reduce your head injury symptoms and return to the activities you enjoy. In the event your head injury is accompanied by a loss of consciousness, severe dizziness, confusion or vomiting, please call 911 immediately.