STAT MED Urgent Care

STAT MED Urgent Care is committed to providing top-quality immediate care alongside an outstanding patient experience — for every single person, every single day.

The ER Alternative

The idea for STAT MED evolved from the years of practice our doctors had in California's leading Emergency Rooms. As Emergency Medicine specialists, we understood the need for exemplary care for all patients with a multitude of medical circumstances; that's what we're trained to handle. And providing great care to the patients who need us has always been our passion.

The lesson our patients taught us over time is that a trip to the ER could be traumatic in and of itself. They wanted an ER-level of care without the discomfort, chaos, and long waits of an emergency trip to the hospital.

We agreed

Looking at the "big picture" of the Emergency Care landscape left little doubt that an alternative was needed.


Studies show that 70% of all ER visits are not for life-and-death emergencies and would be better treated in an urgent care facility — as long as that facility is staffed with experienced emergency doctors.

At the same time, sweeping national healthcare reforms —along with seismic demographic shifts – promise to only increase the chaos, crowding and long waits of our overburdened ERs as they struggle to care for even more patients with even fewer resources.

A Community Spin: Zoom in from that big picture view to focus on the unique perspective of our local communities; it becomes clear that a local urgent care practice was what we needed most.

How did we know?

  • Over many years watching our children grow up alongside yours, we fielded countless calls from neighbors, friends and their kids, for every bruise, injury, or illness.
  • From the sidelines – literal ones and metaphorical ones —we tended to their illnesses and injuries, and tried to allay their fears and provide expert, practical medical advice.
  • In almost every case, these informal patients asked if there was some way to fast-track their care so they could get back to their lives and their families as quickly as possible.
  • They were looking for an option that would combine the highest quality medical care available; in a welcoming, familiar, and comfortable environment, always supported by state of the art diagnostic tools.
  • And that's how STAT MED Urgent Care came clearly into focus.
  • With the launch of our first facility in downtown Lafayette, we let our friends and neighbors know that STAT MED is here to serve them with the highest quality of medical attention – the best and brightest team armed with cutting edge diagnostic tools – right in our own backyard.

We promise to provide all of the upside of an advanced urgent care medical practice without any of the downsides of crowded ERs.