What Immediate Medical Care Should Be

An Outstanding Patient Experience

  • If one word can say it all it would be "smooth."   This was my first time using Stat Med and I had a great experience. The staff is very friendly and professional. I had a 10 minutes wait time before I was put in a room and a few minutes later Dr. Jaber walked in. Dr. Jaber deserves a whole paragraph for this review.  Dr. Jaber is a truly a wonderful doctor.  She's smart, experienced, caring, funny and extremely professional.  She saw my issue and she immediately took action.  Even though this was my first time with Dr. Jaber, I felt very comfortable and at-ease. In terms of urgent care, folks, assuming Dr. Jaber is the one who is taking care of you, it is as good as it gets.  I recommend that you go to this place in the morning when no one is there.  Maybe call first for wait time before you go. They also have a big jar of lollipop so ask for one before you leave.  
  • The staff are great. It was past their operating hours but I was able to sign up online for an appointment. I was the 2nd one in. When I came out there were 10+ people. All the doctors are very good and if you are returning they remember you. I'm so glad they are local.
  • Stat Med is terrific. I have gone about 3 times on the weekends or late in the day when I wasn't able to see my regular doctor. They always greet me with a smile and help me as quickly as they can. Terrific service and addition to the community! So much better than going to ER or even John Muir Urgent Care.

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Dr. Stuart Shikora


Dr. Allan Drabinsky